Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roommate needed at New York NY 10001

Need Room: Looking for a roommate in New York, NY 10001 with accommodation

heyy guys m a student.. needed nice friendly room mates.. m looking for room and or roommate.. simple words m looking for a person who wants to share or a person who wan to move with me at place searched by me... :))) eithr way.. m veggi but doesnt mettr if u\\\'r not... yes i do cook and thats really nice.. m kinda home chef.. can cook more den 4 Cuisines .. :))) .. m so damm fun loving guy.. but not into hardcore fun..lol...m stdyn arts major and i like to keep my space clean..lol dats so opposite but yeah thats true, here till june 2012 for details pls contact hvctypo..[at]..gmail.com thn

Ad Location: US / 10001

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